Product description

Our smart potting soil is the ideal all-in-one soil substrate for indoor, outdoor, and urban farming. A smart, self-regulating system that maintains optimal pH and EC levels to establish ideal growth conditions and optimal nutrient density for a diverse range of plants. In addition, it retains high levels of moisture and distributes water whenever plants need them throughout the growth process. The results are high and healthy crops combined with environmental protection.


pH and EC regulation

Our soil regulates pH and Electrical Conductivity to create optimal growth conditions for a diverse range of plants.

High moisture retention

Retains high levels of moisture and distributes water to roots when needed.

Controlled nutrient release

Our controlled-release coating ensure optimal nutrient delivery throughout the growth cycle.

No peat moss

Our soil consists of biocompatible materials but avoids peat moss, the mining of which is a major contributor to climate change.


Optimal growth conditions

pH and EC regulation creates the optimal growth conditions for plants.

Less water usage

High moisture retention reduces the need for constant watering and maintains the right moisture conditions for plants to thrive.

Cost effective

Widely available biocompatible materials ensure cost effective industrial production.

Environmental protection

Lack of peat moss ensures that our soil does not contribute to high CO2 emissions, while regulation of environmental factors ensures long soil lifespan.

High-yield and nutritious harvests

pH and EC regulation, in combination with high water retention and controlled nutrient delivery, ensure higher and healthier crops as compared to industry standard soils.

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