Product description

Our germination plugs ensure fast and healthy germination for a broad range of plants. Made of our biocompatible germination soil with high water holding capacity, it provides seeds with the perfect germination environment and ensures continuing plant health until harvest. Our plugs are stable and resist damage that can occur through physical handling and transport. Importantly, no chemical additives or harmful polymers are used to manufacture our plugs. The stability and uniformity of our plugs comes from biocompatible and biodegradable additives alone.


High water holding capacity

Our plugs can absorb and retain high amounts of water while draining excess to provide optimal moisture to roots during germination.

Optimal porosity

Optimal air pocket distribution throughout the plug makes for a porous structure that offers roots access to oxygen and growth space.

Fully biodegradable

Made entirely of natural and biodegradable materials, our plugs protect the environment from toxic materials and degrade naturally after use.

Damage resistant

The stability and integrity of our plugs allow for physical handling and transportation without the possibility of structural damage.


Quick germination

Our plugs allow for faster germination compared to other plugs on the market.

Healthy growth

Seeds find the perfect environment for strong and healthy growth, ensuring robust development and high and healthy yields at harvest.


Our plugs are entirely biodegradable and do not damage the environment, making them the most sustainable plugs in the world.

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