Our Story

The story of Smart Soil Technologies is a story of friendship. In 2015, two childhood friends, Hamid Shefaat and Dr. Mohsen Makki, found themselves engaging in regular discussions about the worrisome impacts of soil degradation and climate change.
With Hamid’s background as a serial entrepreneur and Mohsen’s expertise in soil and minerals, they knew they could make a strong contribution to the evolution of indoor and outdoor farming.
SST was thus born with the mission to make high-yielding, organic, and long-lasting soil available to millions around the globe. Dr. Makki created the key product: a smart = “intelligent” soil for improved indoor and outdoor farming, useable for multiple cycles without suffering from degradation. This was and remains the core product of SST, ideal for both indoor and outdoor farming.

In 2019, the Berlin-based company SST was officially registered as a GmbH, and with a growing team of science and business people, its portfolio of products grew accordingly. The versatility and commitment of our team has allowed us to go beyond soil and develop multiple products in the indoor and outdoor farming sectors. We are now proud to offer biocompatible slow-release coating, rooftop farming modules, germination plugs, and unique substrates for indoor farming. All our products are made in Germany.

Our Vision

Enable millions around the world to benefit from high and healthy yields using high-quality and long-lasting soil, whether at home, in indoor farms, or on rooftops.

Prevent environmental pollution caused by the use of conventional quick-release fertilizers, by constantly innovating in the field of biocompatible slow-release nutrient supply.

Minimize the impact of climate change by creating light-weight, long-lasting, and high-yielding rooftop greening modules.