Product description

Our end-to-end roof greening system comes equipped with smart container modules, our proprietary self-regulating soil, as well as diverse kinds of high-quality seeds. The system performs optimally whatever the surrounding environmental conditions – hot or cold, dry or moist. With optimal water holding and drainage capacity, combined with pH- and EC-regulating soil, plants will thrive in a broad range of environmental conditions. Our green roof system offers multiple environmental benefits, including air purification, high CO2 sequestration, a long lifespan, as well as the recyclability of the system itself. And, of course, it makes any roof stand out with beautiful flowers, bushes, or vegetables!


Fully equipped system

Our green roof system comes equipped with sustainable container modules, our self- regulating soil, and a diverse range of high-quality seeds that customers can choose from.

Resilient to extreme environmental conditions

Given its high water retention capacity, our system needs little watering and can survive in drought conditions. On the other hand, excess rainfall will be drained out of the system so roots don’t get drowned.

Self-regulating soil

Our proprietary soil regulates pH and EC, allowing optimal soil conditions throughout the plant life cycle.

Complete nutrient delivery

Our soil contains the complete set of nutrients plants need and deliver them at the right time throughout the growth cycle.


All the materials used in our system are biocompatible, including the contained module itself.


Optimal growth conditions

pH- and EC-regulation, combined with high nutrient and microorganism content, create the ideal environment for plants to grow abundant and healthy.

Bad weather? No problem

Whether hot or cold, drought or excess rainfall, our plants survive due to the advanced properties of our soil and engineering of the container module.

Cost effective

Our fully equipped system comes at a competitive price compared to similar systems on the market.

Environmental protection

Our system offers the best means of protecting the environment with otherwise empty space. The unique advantage of the system is its high air purification and CO2 sequestration.


All the materials used in the system are recyclable, including the container module itself.

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