Product description

Our indoor vertical farming substrate solutions enable businesses to reduce costs while benefiting from powerful substrates that require minimal care. From germination to harvest, our substrates come packed with everything plants need to grow quickly. Whether soil-based or soilless, our substrates enjoy optimal pH, EC, and moisture parameters for ideal growth conditions, combined with our plant-specific controlled-release supply for optimal nutrient delivery. From end to end, our substrates take care of germination and growth with minimal care, and they can be easily recycled and used for multiple grow cycles.


Optimal pH and EC parameters

Our substrates maintain pH and EC to within optimal ranges for diverse plant types throughout the growth cycle.

High moisture retention

Substrates retain high levels of moisture and deliver water to roots when needed.

Controlled nutrient release

Our substrate-embedded biodegradable controlled-release fertilizers deliver the right amount of nutrients at the right time throughout the growth cycle.


Customers can choose between organic soil-based and inorganic soilless substrates for a diverse range of plants.


After harvest, customers can easily recycle and reuse same substrates for multiple grow cycles.


Optimal growth conditions

Substrates deliver optimal growth conditions for plants by regulating pH and EC, retaining and distributing moisture, and controlling nutrient delivery to plants.

Minimal watering requirements

High moisture retention and distribution ensures minimal watering requirements and enables customers to save water and costs.

Cost effective

Affordability and recyclability of substrates make for an all-round cost-effective solution.

Quick growth and nutritious yields

Optimal substrate parameters, in combination with controlled farm conditions, ensures quick growth and nutritious yields.

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